Created: 2008-10-28 07:34
Updated: 2018-07-25 10:35



I found FireBBS when I tried to switch from web to telnet, on November 2007. While it IS a wonderful extension, I felt there are some useful modifications I can make. More details about my modifications can be found here, whose file name may not be a proper one. :-)


  • Copy & Paste
    • Copy as plain text: select the text you want and "^C";
    • Copy as ASCII code: use "Shift + ^C" instead of "^C";
    • Paste for both: use "Shift + ^V", NOT "^V".
  • Preferences
    • Options window can be accessed through "Tools / Addons / Extensions";
    • READ THE NEXT SECTION before you enable IPSearcher;
    • To enable experimental features, you need:
      1. Go to "about:config";
      2. In the filter, search for "extensions.firebbs.experiment.";
      3. There will be:
        • "bicolorDBCS", experimental support of bicolor DBCS, enable it may introduce bugs in text & ASCII copy;
    • Also, telnet:// will work, for "charset", "fontfamily" & "fontsize".
  • IPSearcher
    • All platform supported;
    • How to get a copy of QQwry.dat?
      1. Download QQwry.dat from cz88;
      2. Put it into the profile directory;
      3. Make sure the filename is "QQwry.dat", CASE SENSITIVE;
      4. Don't forget to update this file regularly.
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