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Updated: 2019-02-17 22:23
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Nitrogen Web Framework for Erlang

Build Status

Nitrogen is an Erlang-based web framework that allows you to develop infinitely scaleable, Ajax-rich web applications using a pure Erlang technology stack.

See the Nitrogen Project website for additional information.

Getting Started

Follow the tutorial at

Building Nitrogen on Linux and OSX

The Getting Started guide covers this.

Building Nitrogen on FreeBSD

Install Erlang from

Make sure you have gmake installed, and use gmake instead of make


$ gmake rel_cowboy

Building Nitrogen on Windows

Instructions for building on windows can be found in rel/overlay/win

Want to contribute?

nitrogen_core is where you would find the vast majority of Nitrogen's codebase, should you wish to contribute or make changes.

Read our contribution guidelines to get started contributing to Nitrogen! (they're not strict, just recommendations)

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