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Note of SICP

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

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Interactive Mode

$ racket
> (enter! "<which>.rkt")
> (square 2)



Recursive Process vs. Recursive Procedure

In contrasting iteration and recursion, we must be careful not to confuse the notion of a recursive process with the notion of a recursive procedure . When we describe a procedure as recursive, we are referring to the syntactic fact that the procedure definition refers (either directly or indirectly) to the procedure itself. But when we describe a process as following a pattern that is, say, linearly recursive, we are speaking about how the process evolves, not about the syntax of how a procedure is writen.

Ackermann Function

Ackermann Function

All primitive recursive functions are total and computable, but the Ackermann function illustrates that not all total computable functions are primitive recursive.

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