Created: 2016-09-17 02:50
Updated: 2018-10-14 15:46
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Racketscript Playground

Playground for RacketScript. Visit http://rapture.twistedplane.com:8080 to try. Both server-side and client-side code is written in RacketScript.


Playground uses Github Gist to save and load files. The name of Gist file must be source.rkt.

  • URL of format /#gist/:id will load gist of that provided id.
  • URL of format /#example/:id will download $ROOT_URL/examples/:id.rkt from server.
  • A POST /compile request will take JSON payload of format: { "code": <racket-code> } and return a compiled JS file in reponse.

CoreMirror is used as editor component. Search and Replace shortcuts are here.


After installing Racket, NodeJS, and RacketScript, execute following commands to run the playground:

make -j4 run

For development, you can use quickrun, after runnning run once, for building both server and client without npm install/update:

make -j4 quickrun


RacketScript is licensed under MIT license. Third-party libraries can be found over here and here.

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