Created: 2008-10-24 02:39
Updated: 2016-05-08 15:30
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a Bag Of Shoes

What is this bag of yours?

In here I will keep all my little Shoes apps, that way I won't clutter GitHub with hundreds of repositories for every tiny little app I develop. They are all licensed under the MIT license (see the LICENSE file accompanying this bag), so you can use parts of them in your own applications or just change them to your hearts desire. Feel free to suggest code improvements. Usually my code sucks, but at least it works.

What kind of apps are they?

A few will be just useless stuff to try out Shoes, but some will be (hopefully useful) old scripts I wrote, wrapped into a Shoes app so that they get a GUI.

What do I need to run them?

Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux plus a free copy of Shoes.

How do I run them?

Start Shoes and it will ask you for a file to open. Pick the something.rb file that you want to run and the app will start.

As soon as the Shoes packager is working I'll provide pre-packaged versions of all the apps in the bag for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X on my website, then you'll be able to just double click on an icon to start one of the apps.

That one Shoe in the bag doesn't work!

Shoes apps behave differently on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Most of the apps are tested only on Mac OS X, so if something doesn't run on Windows or Linux it's a bug in Shoes that should be fixed soon.

Just comment on an app that's not working and I'll look into it. Mention which version of Shoes you are using and which platform you are on.

Bag contents:


Grabs the most popular topics as talked about on Twitter by using the Tweetag.com API and then uses the YouTube API to find videos of these topics which you can then play from within the application.


Chatlog Viewer

Displays aMSN and Mercury chatlogs. Can also convert them to a nicely formatted HTML file.

Guess My Number

It's a game! Try to guess a number from 1 to 100. The only help you get is the computer telling you if the number you entered is too low or too high.



Displays the latest messages from the Shoes mailing list by using the gmane.org RSS feed



Helper utility for developing AIR(+HTML/CSS/JavaScript) apps



A menu for all the apps in the Bag of Shoes. You can start all the apps from within the menu which is pretty handy. This was the first little Shoes app someone else contributed to the bag. I modified the design but everything else was done by Devyn.


Picture Guess

A game where a random word is sent to Flickr and you get a bunch of pictures displayed, which are tagged with the random word. You then have to guess what the word used was.

Tubular Shoes

Easily download YouTube videos



Let's you search for Twitter messages by using summize.com


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