Created: 2008-10-23 19:41
Updated: 2017-11-13 21:37
License: other



This is an extension that adds sort and search support for products inside Spree.


  script/extension install git://github.com/edmundo/spree-search.git

You need to uncomment two methods (that builds the products collection) on products_controller.rb and taxons_controller.rb to make simple search work.

Actual state

Production ready. Updated to work with the latest i18n code.


It includes basic name search that is suggested to be putted in the main layout. It can be used through the main page or inside a taxon. It can be tested using the following route: /search/test

It includes extended search based on some criteria like name, price and classification it is directly in or below it. It can be tested using the following route: /searches/new

It has basic sort support for products, by default the only view that has it working is the result of the extended search, but it can be included in all the rest of the application including the main view and the view by current taxon.

gems needed


Code inside app to be mixed

I'm not using code inside the ..._extension.rb file using class_eval anymore, look at the last commits here http://github.com/edmundo/spree/tree/app_override to make the code inside app used in this extension be mixed automatically.


Samples to show what you can do with it, (layout customization is not included).

Simple search

Sort support

Advanced search

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