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Waxeye Parser Generator Build Status

Waxeye is a parser generator based on parsing expression grammars (PEGs). It supports C, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby and Scheme.


  • Choice of Programming Language

    • C
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Racket
  • Scanner-less Parsing

  • Automatic AST Generation

  • Language Independent, Reusable Grammars

  • Modular, Composable Grammars

  • Grammar Testing

User Manual

Waxeye's user manual is in docs/manual.html. The latest version is also online at http://waxeye.org/manual.html.


Unix and OSX

  1. Extract the files of the distribution.

  2. Copy the waxeye directory to where you wish to install it.

  3. Add the bin/waxeye binary to your search path. e.g. If you have ~/bin in your PATH and installed waxeye to /usr/local/waxeye then you might do the following.

    ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/bin/waxeye ~/bin/


  1. Extract the files of the distribution.

  2. Copy the waxeye directory to where you wish to install it.


Unix and OSX

Use the waxeye command.


Use a command prompt to run waxeye.exe. Note: If using the interpreter under Windows, you will need to press Ctrl-z and then 'Enter' after the input you want to interpret.

Building from Source

  1. Install Racket

  2. Build Waxeye

    • Unix and OSX

      make compiler
    • Windows

      • If your Racket installation isn't C:\Program Files\Racket, then you will need to modify build\exe.bat to use the correct path.

      • Run the build\exe.bat script. The waxeye.exe executable will be saved to the directory you run the script from.

Running tests

First, install all packages necessary for running the tests. On Ubuntu, run:

sudo apt-get install racket nodejs ant checkstyle testng

To then run all the tests, run:

make test-all

To run individual language tests, make the respective target, e.g. for JavaScript:

make test-javascript



MIT -- All files (except the user manual) are under the permissive MIT license.

GNU FDL -- Waxeye's user manual is under the GNU Free Documentation License. This includes the files doc/book/book and doc/manual.html.

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