Created: 2012-11-12 10:21
Updated: 2019-02-08 13:26
License: apache-2.0

official JetBrains project


Mnemonics are templates for ReSharper and IntelliJ that let you quickly generate code and data structures by typing in names which are based on mnemonics - a structured abbreviation of the code you're trying to create.

For example, in C#, typing c and pressing Tab creates something like this:

public class MyClass

The vertical bar above indicates where the caret will end up once you're done editing the name of the class.

Similarly, C will create a static class, m creates a method, M creates a static method, and so on, including fields, variables, properties and more. You can then extend this to include the return type of the method:

  • mf - generates a method that returns float
  • ms - a method that returns string
  • m~s - a method that returns an IEnumerable<string>

This extends to more complex examples such as:

  • - a property with only a getter, of type HashSet<StringBuilder>

Please take a look through the templates in ReSharper or IntelliJ to see the full list. Note that currently the shortcuts that include a period (.) do not work, and are unlikely to work in the future.

Supported Languages

The project aims to support the following languages - currently supported ones are in bold:

  • C# and VB.NET (ReSharper)
  • Java, Scala, Kotlin (IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Python (PyCharm)
  • Ruby (RubyMine)
  • Objective-C (appCode)

Installation Notes

Installing mnemonics is simple.

  • Go to the downloads directory and download the file related to your IDE.
  • ReSharper:
  • 8.0 and later: Look for the mnemonics extension package in the ReSharper|Extension Manager.
  • pre-8.0: Open ReSharper|Templates Explorer, press the Import... button, select the XML file. You're done. Note that on first use, VS might freeze for a while - this is normal and only happens once.
  • IntelliJ IDEA: open File|Import Settings..., navigate to the directory with the .jar file, select it, press OK. IDEA will ask you to restart.
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