Created: 2008-10-22 06:36
Updated: 2018-12-08 03:21

Collection of various scripts

Tested on recent versions of openSUSE

  • install_java_alternatives - eases the installation of a jdk/jre using the alternatives mechanism

  • find_duplicates_in_jars - lists duplicate classes by name found in jar files

  • move_in - uploads the public ssh key and changes the password on another machine

  • generate_password - a random password generator

  • rpm_cl - short output of a RPM changelog

  • add_cert_to_keystore - adds a SSL certificate to the keystore

  • whack - try to kill a process nicely at first then with -KILL after 30 s

  • watermark - apply watermarks on images

  • mirror_eclipse_update_site - retrieves locally a mirror of an eclipse update site

  • mirror_eclipse_p2_site - retrieves locally a mirror of a p2-enabled eclipse update site

  • php_dev - controls PHP-related development services

  • jdk_use_system_cacerts - replaces jdk cacerts with the ones found in the system

  • m2s - switches between multiple version of Maven's per-use settings.xml

  • list_patches - lists patches available with zypper

  • generate_desktop_scripts - generates desktop files on the file for some applications that typically ship without them

  • abat - reads android phone battery level using adb

  • desktop - some .desktop launcher files

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