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Welcome to Vim-Plugins

This repository hosts the latest development versions of various Vim plug-ins. Currently maintained by Wolfgang Mehner: GitHub

Support for Various Programming Languages

Name Supports GitHub Screenshots
AWK-Support AWK GitHub here
Bash-Support Bash GitHub here
C-Support C/C++ & Doxygen GitHub here
LaTeX-Support LaTeX/LuaTeX/BibTeX GitHub here
Lua-Support Lua & C-API GitHub here
Matlab-Support Matlab - GitHub -
Perl-Support Perl & POD GitHub here
Vim-Support Vim-Script GitHub here

Other Tools

Name Description GitHub Screenshots
Git-Support Manage Git repos from within Vim GitHub here
Verilog-Support SystemVerilog & UVM by jmcneal - GitHub -


We recommend downloading the latest official versions published on (see above). Or try the development snapshots in the individual GitHub repositories (see above). The versions available here might be buggy.

You can use this repository, as well as the ones linked above, with any plug-in manager.

For more information, please consult this.


Each plug-in comes with its own readme as well as an extensive documentation utilizing Vim's help facility. For example:

:help c-support

:help lua-support

Get Involved

You are welcome to use the issue tracker to post questions, suggestions, and bug reports.

Please help us keep track of all the issues and name your report/request appropriately:

"Bash-Support: <title>"

"C-Support: <title>"

"...-Support: ..."


Do you want to contribute patches/extension/...?

  • Please do so by sending us your pull requests.
  • ... or by sending us your commits per email.

Please have a look here.


Published under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.


Most of the plug-ins were originally developed by Fritz Mehner: GitHub

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