Created: 2008-04-02 14:33
Updated: 2018-06-23 18:52
License: mit


This library predates Underscore, Underscore.string, and Lowdash, which I now recommend (and personally use) instead.

Additionally, modern versions of JavaScript (as of ECMAScript 5) include a number of Array methods (forEach, every, some, reduce, filter, indexOf, lastIndexOf, and reduceRight), that provide a substantial subset of what this library provides. Modern browsers support these methods.

Finally, es5-shim is an alternative to Underscore etc. that extends pre-ECMAScript 5 JavaScript implementations with the ECMAScript 5 array methods.

Collections JS

Framework-independent JavaScript collection methods, for use in browser JavaScript and in ActionScript.

The Array and String methods use prototype extension; Hash methods use a proxying wrapper to avoid prototype pollution. The methods with the same names as the ECMAScript 1.6+ extensions have the same spec as those; the ones with the same name as prototype extensions have the same spec as those in the Prototype library; and there's a few odds and ends such as String#capitalize.

The methods are documented in lib/collections.js, and speced (for further documentation, as well as testing) in spec/*.js.


Copyright 2007-2008 by Oliver Steele. Available under the MIT License.

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