Created: 2010-04-23 01:29
Updated: 2017-09-05 06:06

Debian Packages ยป Builder scripts

We build Debian packages for our systems.

These scripts help us with our workflow.

Query packages

  • dpkg-query-show: Query and show with prettier output.
  • dpkg-query-show-tsv: Run dpkg-query with tab separated format of our favorite fields.
  • dpkg-list-debian-control-depends: Print aggregated dependencies of our custom packages to an HTML list.

Edit docs in a package

  • dpkg-gunzip-docs: Run gunzip on all our the dpkg doc files in our custom package.
  • dpkg-gzip-docs: Run gzip on all our the dpkg doc files in our custom package.
  • dpkg-edit-docs: Start our editing of a custom package's docs.
  • dpkg-edited-docs: End our editing of a custom package's docs.

Publish all our packages

  • dpkg-publish: Publish our deb packages to our local host and remote host.
  • dpkg-publish-to-local: Debian packaging utility to publish our custom packages.
  • dpkg-publish-to-remote: Sync the local debian repository to our remote.


  • dpkg-clone: Clone a new Debian package (i.e. dpkg deb file) with renaming.
  • dpkg-scan: Scan packages and scan sources to create .gz file
  • dpkg-build: Build a debian package via dpkg-deb and verify via lintian.
  • dpkg-install-ad-hoc: Install all the sixarm debian packages ad hoc by using grep and xargs.
  • dpkg-snippets.txt: Snippets to help create debian packages
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