Created: 2008-10-11 20:25
Updated: 2018-07-18 14:40


Quote text with a semi-box.



boxquote.el provides a set of functions for using a text quoting style that partially boxes in the left hand side of an area of text, such a marking style might be used to show externally included text or example code.

| The default style looks like this.

A number of functions are provided for quoting a region, a buffer, a paragraph and a defun. There are also functions for quoting text while pulling it in, either by inserting the contents of another file or by yanking text into the current buffer.

The latest version of boxquote.el can be found at:



Kai Grossjohann for inspiring the idea of boxquote. I wrote this code to mimic the "inclusion quoting" style in his Usenet posts. I could have hassled him for his code but it was far more fun to write it myself.

Mark Milhollan for providing a patch that helped me get the help quoting functions working with XEmacs. (which, for other reasons, I've neded to remove as of v2.0 -- hopefully I can get things working on XEmacs again).

Oliver Much for suggesting the idea of having a boxquote-kill-ring-save function.

Reiner Steib for suggesting boxquote-where-is and the idea of letting boxquote-describe-key describe key bindings from other buffers. Also thanks go to Reiner for suggesting boxquote-insert-buffer.

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