Created: 2008-10-11 00:19
Updated: 2016-05-08 14:43
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Prank v0.75 - Common Sense PHP Framework

Prank is a YAPF - Yet Another PHP Framework

Prank tries to utilize the common sense approach to web application design. It's in alpha stage, and is only fit for experimentation.

Prank is build around PHP5.4 (which is required) and is tested on Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5.0.


Prank’s design supports the development of web applications more advanced than simple dynamic sites. Many of used concepts and solutions are far from being efficient (although I try to make them as scalable as possible) – they are meant to make the prototyping as fast as possible, and heighten programmer enjoyment.

If you want your PHP to scale and use as few resources as possible, don’t use a framework.

Prank is also a highly opinionated software - I'm not trying to please everybody, or even please myself in full. In all events, Prank is meant to take the most sane and common-sense way of doing things.

Design Goals

  • Code should be nice. This framework is not intended for anybody enjoying large XML files and extremely long method calls.

  • Object Oriented design as basis of functionality, functions as syntax sugar and helpers for common tasks. There's nothing wrong with sugar.

  • Clever use of Closures and smart static methods when applicable.


This is an ongoing experiment, and it is in continuous alpha stage, so use at your own risk. There's no use of writing a proper usage document at the moment, as things change frequently around here. However, Most of the code is pretty self-explanatory. Take look at the provided /app/ directory, to see how to create your own test-apps. If you have comments or suggestions, contact me through brego.

Enjoy ;)


Prank uses a modified version of the CakePHP's Inflector class licensed under The MIT License - all credit goes to it's authors and the Cake Software Foundation, Inc.

Huge thanks to Larry E. Masters aka phpnut, Michal Tatarynowicz aka pies and the rest of the original CakePHP comunity for inspiration.

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