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An extension to Radiant that will automatically tweet the publication of new pages in selected parts of your site, and which provides a set of radius tags that allow you to feature twitter feeds of different kinds on your site.


sudo gem install radiant-twitter-extension

add this to your Gemfile

gem 'radiant-twitter-extension', '~> 2.0.0'

and then:

rake radiant:extensions:twitter:update
rake radiant:extensions:twitter:migrate


Nearly stable. I've just made some quite sweeping changes to bring this up to date, so small bugs are likely. Please file issues.


You can present twitter searches and feeds without authenticating, but if you want to post automatically to twitter you need to provide login information. The extension adds a 'twitter' block to the main radiant configuration interface: enter your screen name and password. Future versions may integrate with Twitter as an application but for now all we need is the ability to tweet.

Tweet on publication

To post a tweet every time you publish a blog entry, check the 'Notify Twitter of newly published child pages?' box on the parent blog page. The tweet will contain the title of the page and its url.

Display a twitter feed

If radiant is configured to tweet for you, all you need is this radius tag:

<r:twitter:tweets [max="10"] />

If it's not configured, or you want to display another user:

<r:twitter:tweets user="screen_name" />

To display a hashtag, or any other search:

<r:twitter:tweets search="#radiant" />

To display tweets from someone's list:

<r:twitter:tweets user="screen_name" list="list_name" />

The default presentation of tweets is exactly as suggested by Twitter and if you include their widget script and the provided css it should all just work. If you want to present tweets differently, a range of more detailed radius tags is available. This is a slightly more compact format:

<r:twitter:tweets user="screen_name" />
  <li class="tweet">
    <r:tweet:avatar class="avatar" />
	<r:tweet:user:screen_name />
	<span class="block">
	  <r:tweet:text />
	<span class="hidden">
	  <r:tweet:reply_link />
	  <r:tweet:retweet_link />

Scripts and styles

The quick way to format tweets nicely is to include the supplied sass in your site stylesheet. If you're using radiant's built-in stylesheet manager and working in Sass, you can keep everything in one file (and selectively override it) by including this line near the top:

@import 'twitter.sass'

You can also link to /stylesheets/twitter.css in the usual way.

The links created by radius tags here are all compatible with twitter's widgeting. To enable basic intent-based popups, just include this line in the head or at the foot of your layout:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>


  • More gratifying twitter integration of admin
  • Page field to edit tweet text before publication
  • URL-shortener

Copyright and license

Originally created by Sean Cribbs and now the work of many hands, including:

  • Jim Gay
  • Edmund Haselwanter
  • Anna Billstrom
  • William Ross

Currently maintained by Will at spanner.org. Issues and comments on github, please:


Released under the same terms as Rails and/or Radiant.

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