Created: 2008-10-09 12:38
Updated: 2016-05-08 14:37


Hobo Yui

This is a simple Rails plugin to be used in conjunction with Hobo. It adds the ability to use the YUI Rich Editor in place of simple textareas for fields with the type 'html'.

This plugin may later become a general home for Hobo extensions that utilise YUI.


Install with

ruby script/plugin install git://github.com/tablatom/hoboyui.git

The plugin has an install script which will copy some assets to your public directory.

IMPORTANT: If you install the plugin some other way, e.g. with git clone, the install script will not run and you will have to manually copy the assets into your public directory. e.g.:

 $ cp -R vendor/plugins/hoboyui/public/* public/

You then need to include the taglib, e.g. in application.dryml:

<include src="hoboyui" plugin="hoboyui"/>

Finally you need to activate the JavaScript in any pages where you want the editor. To do this site wide, you can extend the <page> tag (in application.dryml):

<extend tag="page">
  <old-page merge>
    <body: class="yui-skin-sam" param/>

You should now have a YUI Rich Editor for any <input:foo> where the field foo is declared with the :html type (HoboFields::HtmlString) in your model.

More Information

For more information see: YUI Rich Editor

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