Created: 2008-10-07 21:32
Updated: 2014-05-01 16:15
License: mit



jShoulda is a wrapper for JsUnitTest which allows the developer to write Shoulda-like tests.

Please visit http://jshoulda.scriptia.net for more information.


context('A context', {
  setup: function() {
    // do your setup
    this.something = 1
  teardown: function() {
    // do your cleaning
  should('run its setup function', function() {
    this.assertEqual(1, this.something);
  context('which is an inner context', function() {
    setup: function() {
      this.something += 1;
    should('run both setup functions', function() {
      this.assertEqual(2, this.something);


Note that since March, 2009 the author has abandoned work in jShoulda in favor of SugarTest, a new library wich uses an improved and richer syntax (and still works on top of JsUnitTest).

Author, license, source code

jShoulda has been created by Choan Gálvez and is freely distributable under the terms of a MIT-style license. The source code resides in a Git repository at github.

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