Created: 2008-10-06 14:08
Updated: 2016-05-08 14:27


An Introduction to Ruby Web Frameworks

  • Category/Track: Languages -> Ruby, Web Development
  • Level: Beginner (100)
  • Presentations:
  • OSCON 2008 (Original)
  • CFP: Codemash 2009

Short Description

An overview of a few Ruby Web Frameworks, including basic usage and how to pragmatically choose which one to use, and how Ruby makes them special.


The Internet is changing at an exponential rate. Yesterday’s web pages have effectuated today’s web applications and the fresh, fertile soil that it brings is manifesting itself in a new crop of web frameworks that are driving this new frontier. The Ruby community isn’t holding back either. They’ve got the power and simplicity of the Ruby language on their side. They’re opinionated and pragmatic. And most of all, they’re having fun.

In this talk we’ll take a journey into the world of Ruby and take a look at what’s making waves in Ruby Web Framework development like Convention over Configuration, Domain-Specific Languages and focus on Test-Driven Development. We wouldn’t be well-rounded if we didn’t take some time to address some of the criticism that Ruby has received and admit that it has shortcomings. Throughout this talk we’ll cite examples from a few Ruby Web Frameworks, like Rails, Merb, Camping and Sinatra, talk about how they’ve changed the world for others and how they might change your world too.

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