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Updated: 2016-12-17 02:09


Clinical Image Module for OpenMRS (openmrs-module-dermimage)

OpenMRS DermImage Module

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What is openMRS?

openMRS is a highly customizable EMR platform that can be extended and customized by user-contributed modules.

More details here:

What is openmrs-module-dermimage

Organizing and visualizing clinical images is an important aspect of certain medical specialties such as dermatology. This module lets you upload images from file or webcam and visualize them in the patient chart. This module works with OpenMRS 2.x UI only.

This plugin implements HTML5 (webcam.js), but provides an automatic and invisible Adobe Flash fallback if the browser is Chrome and the protocol is not https (since version 3.0).

Please check out skinhelpdesk module here. In the future, skinhelpdesk module will be made aware of this plugin allowing it to import images from dermimage for easy annotation.

In the future releases, expect the image tagging and skin tone analysis option.

How do I install and use this module?


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