Created: 2016-05-13 03:31
Updated: 2017-08-17 05:29
License: other

ConvertLab SDK

Library to facilitate synchronizing your application object with ConvertLab cloud services. A very simple use case looks like the following:


app_client =
clab_id = app_client.customer.find(mobile: '13911223366')['records'].first['id']

# this is the customer record in local applicaiton that we want to synchronize to ConvertLab
ext_customer_info = { ext_channel: 'MY_SUPER_STORE', ext_type: 'customer',
                      ext_id: 'my_customer_id', clab_id: clab_id }
clab_customer = map_ext_customer_to_clab(ext_customer_info)
ConvertLab::SyncedCustomer.sync app_client.customer, clab_customer, ext_customer_info

For more details, generate API documentation and look around.

git clone <url_of_this_repo>
cd convertlabsdk
bundle install
rake yard
open doc/index.html

Running the test

# clone the repo first

# set CLAB APPID and SECRET in envronment variables
export CLAB_APPID=<appid>
export CLAB_SECRET=<secret>

# run test with VCR cassettes
rake test

# bypass VCR and send request to servers and log request/response to the console
NO_VCR=1 RESTCLIENT_LOG=stdout rake test 

# run the tests and display slowest 10 test cases
NO_VCR=1 ruby test/test_convertlabsdk.rb --profile

# to get coverage report
COVERAGE=1 rake test
cd coverage
open index.html

# the test cases nromally does cleanup after themselves. In some cases, the test case execution is 
# interrupted# eitehr due to test failure or user intervention, the test data remaining in the 
# system can cause next test execution to fail. When this happens, run this script to cleanup 
# the data, then run the test cases again

ruby test/cleanup_testdata.rb

# to run individual test case files
ruby test/test_<whatever>.rb

# to start the web conosle 
open http://localhost:9292/syncer

See this sync customer example for how to use the API in real world application.


  • review SycnedObject implementation for concurrency
  • add filter entry/reset for console
  • (low) add async submit and forget support?
  • (hold) implement sync_down and test cases (conflict with ext fields validation!)
  • (hold) add caching to rest-client layer

Fix sqlite crash on Mac OS Sierra

gem uninstall sqlite3
bundle config build.sqlite3-ruby "--with-sqlite3-include=/usr/local/Cellar/sqlite/3.15.2/include/ --with-sqlite3-lib=/usr/local/Cellar/sqlite/3.15.2/lib"
bundle install


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