Created: 2008-09-27 14:19
Updated: 2016-05-08 14:02



This is my personal TextMate bundle where i put useful command and snippets.


  • Diff agaist saved
    • Check if something changed in the current document
  • Beautify ruby code
    • Fast way to get all indentation correct. I found this on a blog by P. Lutus and modified for TextMate by T. Burks
  • Google did you mean?
    • I use this for spell checking method names, really nice and accurate
  • Factory Girl Skeleton
    • In a rails application set on cursor on a model name, for example photo, and hit Ctrl+Cmd+T and search for Factory Skeletion, this will generate code for a factory with all default column values. Time saver!

Will generate

Factory.define :photo do |p|
  p.bucket_name "Value for bucket_name"
  p.content_type "Value for content_type"
  p.pictured_at { }
  p.thumbnail "Value for thumbnail"
  p.size 1
  p.filename "Value for filename"
  p.height 1
  p.state "Value for state"
  p.width 1
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