Created: 2008-09-25 20:13
Updated: 2018-06-18 06:34



NIB is a script for the paranoid, that will backup your S3 buckets to a local volume (or locally connected storage device). NIB was designed specifically for S3 objects created by Rick Olson's attachment_fu plugin, so it synchronizes assuming that any new files will come alpha-numerically after the previous.


There are about a million scripts to backup data TO S3, but none support coming FROM S3. All non script methods (Transmit, etc) had poor error handling, timeouts, etc. (babysitting 400,000+ files transferring is no fun at all)


NIB requires the AWS/S3 Gem:

gem install aws-s3


Change the constants within nib.rb to match your settings:

BUCKET\_NAME = "Your S3 Bucket name"
ACCESS\_KEY = "Your S3 Access Key"
SECRET\_ACCESS_KEY = "Your S3 Secret Access Key"
BACKUP\_PATH = "/Path/to/backup"
BUCKET\_PREFIX = "Your Model Prefix" # Restricts the response to only contain results that begin with the specified prefix.

Then you can run:

ruby nib.rb &

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