Created: 2008-09-23 08:13
Updated: 2016-05-08 13:48



HtmlUnitTestrunner is a specialized browser-simulator to be run from the command line. It will specifically run Javascript unit tests based on the unittest.js (Scriptacolous) or jsunittest.js (DrNic) frameworks.


java -jar HtmlUnitTestrunner.jar <URL to unit test page>

If you want to run a unit test from your filesystem, just use a file:// URL.

Example Output

6 tests, 15 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

The general result will also be communicated via the program exit code (0 = success, 1 = failure).


HtmlUnitTestrunner was created to integrate JS unit tests nicely into cruisecontrol.rb CI builds. It is included in my fork of javascript_test (originally created by Thomas Fuchs).

HtmlUnitTestrunner uses HTMLUnit to simulate a Firefox 2 compatible browser; HTMLUnit in turn uses the Mozilla Rhino Javascript engine.

HtmlUnitTestrunner was tested successfully even on complex JS files including the rather large ExtJS framework, for instance.


  • HTMLUnit was released under the Apache 2 License and is included with its respective dependencies in the lib folder
  • HtmlUnitTestrunner's genuine code (everything that is not in the lib folder) is released under the MIT License
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