Created: 2008-09-21 23:22
Updated: 2018-02-18 21:59
License: mit



It's DM IMAP adapter time. This GEM is based on the initial work of wycats. Currently, it supports a variety of queries, updating flags, creating new emails, and moving between mailboxes. Sorting, mailbox manipulation, and email editing should come in the future.

The gem includes a file "gmapper" which provides a sample application of the adapter with some added sugar for Gmail. Here's how to use it:

gem install vanpelt-dm-imap-adapter --source=
require 'gmapper'
DataMapper.setup(:default, "imap://")

Gmapper::Message.all(:subject => "you're awesome") 
 #=> [...500000 results...]
Gmapper::Message.first(:mailbox => "[Gmail]/Drafts", => 2.days.ago)
 #=> { :subject => "Dear Mr. Obama" }
m = Gmapper::Message.create(:subject => "A new queue", :body => "Some YAML")
#remove message from the drafts folder
m.mailbox = "INBOX"
#mark message read and starred
m.flags = [:seen, :flagged]
 #=> { :subject => "A new queue", :flags => [:Seen]}
#archive message

More to come soon... imagine the possibilites!

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