Created: 2008-09-21 21:45
Updated: 2016-05-08 13:43


Rails Plugins

Table For 2 -- table_for2

A more elegant way to write html tables. A simple example:

table_for @articles do |t|
  # simplest, just puts the results of this attribute in the td
  t.column :title

  # slightly more complicated, passes the results of the attribute into the block
  t.column(:tags) do |tags|
    tags.join(', ')

  # most complicated, allows a great deal of control over the attributes of the column
  t.column do |c|
    c.title = "No. Comments"                # The text in the table header
    c.cell_attributes[:class] << 'number'   # Append this class to every td
    c.content do |article|                  # content for each td, passes the model for the
                                            # row into the block
      link_to article.comments.size, article_comments(article)


This produces a very clean html table. See TableFor2's README for more examples and sample output.

Labeled-List Form Builder -- ll_form_builder

In rails 2.0, the form_for is rather inflexible, this may have changed in 2.1.0, I haven't checked. Rather than attemping to override all the form_for methods to support better markup for handling forms, I just copied them into a new module. It works almost exactly like the build-in form_for, but produces an ordered list of form fields with labels.

    <label for="title">Title:</label>
    <input type="text">

See the readme for more samples and docs.

Show For -- show-for

A helper for building show pages, similar to form_for. Creates a definition list of titles/attributes.

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