Created: 2012-08-21 17:40
Updated: 2018-07-09 16:56
License: mit


This is a prototype web service that finds crime data near a lat/long pair. It returns the number of crimes by category within 1/2 mile of the point, with a max of 250 crimes.

The service references crime data from the City of Portland, stored in a k-d tree using scipy.spatial.cKDTree.


Instructions for OS X using Homebrew (my local setup):

  • Install gfortran brew install gfortran
  • Install numpy and scipy: pip install numpy and pip install scipy Note: Installing numpy and scipy from pip doesn't always work for me.
  • Install GDAL -- this always fails for me with Pip, so I use Homebrew: brew install GDAL
  • Install Python requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt


You can run the app server locally with the Foreman gem:

foreman run web

Defaults for $PORT and $WORKERS live in .env. You can also set those values as environment variables, which is where Heroku will read them from.


To deploy, install Heroku's toolchain and push to your app.


MIT. See LICENSE file.

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