Created: 2012-08-21 17:24
Updated: 2014-11-19 16:28
License: mit


This bundle provides container services for loading the file transcoder in your own code.

This bundle is developed in sync with the repository.


You can copy/paste the config block below into your app/config.yml and modify as needed:

        enabled: true           #if false, other keys need not be specified
        path: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
        timeout: 0
        enabled: true           #if false, other keys need not be specified
        path: /usr/local/bin/HandBrakeCLI
        timeout: 0


  • transcoder - will return an instance of AC\Transcoding\Transcoder, automatically registering any tagged Adapters, Presets, and Listeners

You can use the transcoder service to transcode a file:

$newFile = $container->get('transcoder')->transcodeWithPreset('/path/to/input/file', 'handbrake.classic', '/path/to/output/file');

Container Tags

Various container tags are implemented to allow easy registration of custom Adapters, Presets & event listeners into the transcoding. See the list below:

  • transcoding.adapter
  • transcoding.preset
  • transcoding.listener
  • transcoding.subscriber


The bundle provides a few commands for accessing the transcoder via the command line:

  • transcoder:transcode [infile] [preset] [outfile] - Transcodes an input file with a preset, creating the output file. You can use this to test custom presets and adapters if necessary.
  • transcoder:status - Displays a list of enabled and working adapters based on current configuration, plus a list of usable presets.
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