Created: 2012-08-21 14:58
Updated: 2013-10-17 08:05

Tweet Text Parser

This class takes the JSON returned from twitter's API and converts the tweet text in to HTML using the entities from the API, rather than trying to parse the text manually.

Basic usage

tweet = {
    "text" : "Some tweet",
    "entities" {
        #See the API example
t = TweetTextParser(tweet)
parsed_tweet = t.parse_all()[0]

Note, the whole tweet is returned, with an additional key called html.

Alternatively, a list of tweets can be passed, and each one will have an HTML key added to it.


If you'd like to change the HTML output of the tweet, you can use pythons string.Template to edit them. At the moment, only the first half of the replacement is templated, as the second half is always "</a>" by default.

There are 4 templates that correspond to the different types of entity:

  • media_template
  • hashtags_template
  • user_mentions_template
  • url_template

To changes a template:

from string import Template
t = TweetTextParser(tweet)
t.media_template = Template("""<a href="$url"><img src="$url" />""")

parsed_tweet = t.parse_all()[0]
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