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Lightweight and flexible URL pattern matching in JavaScript.


You'll need mocha to run the tests.

If you already have mocha installed globally you can simply run $ mocha.

If not, you can install the dependencies with $ npm install and then run $ npm test. No need to install mocha with -g or anything.


You'll need uglify-js to minify the script.

Install the dependencies with $ npm install and then run $ npm run minify.


First thing is to create a new instance.

In browser:

var way = new Way();

With AMD/require.js:

require('way', function(Way) {
  var way = new Way();

Or with Node:

var Way, way;

Way = require('way');
way = new Way();

Now, to register a new route:

way.map('/hello/world', function() {
  console.log('Hello, world');

Then match some path against route table:

var match = way.match('/hello/world');

This will return an object or undefined if no route matches. This object has the collection of actions and parameters.

match.actions; //-> [function() { console.log('Hello, world'); }]
match.params;  //-> {}

You can provide n actions when mapping a route.

way.map('/hello/world', function() {/* 1 */}, function() {/* 2 */}, ...);

Once you have a match, WayJS get out of the way. What to do with the action and parameters is totally up to you.

A common approach is to iterate over the actions, passing the parameters, and if one of them return false, you break the chain:

for(i = 0, t = match.actions.length; t--; i++) {
  if(match.actions[i](match.params) === false) {

But that's just a simple suggestion. You can do whatever you need.

Pattern syntax:

Named parameters

Capture anything except forward slashes and save in params with given name.

way.map('/log/:message', function(params) {

Optional groups

Matches with or without the snippet inside the parenthesis.

way.map('(/good)/bye', function() {


Capture everything, including slashes and save in params.splat. You can include multiple splats, returning an array.

way.map('/goto/*', function(params) {
  console.log('Goto: ', params.splat[0]);

All the special syntaxes above can be combined to create powerful matching patterns.


v0.4.0 2013-03-13

  • Now Way constructor is properly exposed instead of an instance
  • Moved routes out of the constructor to the prototype
  • Fixed docs typos and outdated information
  • Updated tests accordingly
  • Dropped Makefile and in favor of npm scripts

v0.3.4 2012-09-06

  • Fixed bug when casting #map arguments as array

v0.3.3 2012-09-05

v0.3.2 2012-09-05

  • Changed to multiple actions instead of allowing multiple matches
  • Accepts multiple splats
  • Tests updated accordingly

v0.2.1 2012-08-24

  • Changed patterns regex to do exact matches

v0.2.0 2012-08-23

  • Accepts multiple matches, returning a collection of them
  • Fixed bug with parameter values being sliced

v0.1.0 2012-08-21

  • First version
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