Created: 2012-08-21 13:26
Updated: 2013-10-12 21:06
License: other


Dotter is a programmatic dot file generator. It is NOT a dot language renderer (i.e. replacement for graphviz 3).

Wikipedia's introduction on the dot language 1 is a good starting point. For the full specification see 2.


  • programmatic dot generator
  • support for Java objects as nodes
  • partial type-safety


The library has not yet been pushed to any public maven repository but installation is still fairly easy. Just download the source and run

mvn install

Finally declare it as a maven dependency.


If your project is not using maven then either compile and package the library or copy the source to your project.


Using dotter is intuitive and self-explanatory. Import the Dotter class and start using it with Dotter.graph(..) or Dotter.digraph(..). For more information read Dotter's Javadoc.


Any contributions are of course welcome!


  • push to maven central
  • subgraphs not yet supported
  • rendering support from within Java building upon graphviz or any other renderer, maybe even native Java?
  • normalize edges: currently an edge can spawn multiple nodes > aligned to dot language (multiple nodes connected on one line = one edge)
  • add DotRenderer tests (necessary?)
  • make a fully typed interface (attributes included)
  • JSON renderer?

Copyright and license

Licensed under the New BSD License (aka Modified BSD License). See LICENSE file.

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