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Truice is a database editor specifically made for TrinityCore. It is a fork of Quice, which was made for MaNGoS.

You can edit quests, creatures, gameobjects, items, loot, SmartAI (smart_scripts), conditions and some minor things.

It is written in Delphi, source on github compiled using Embarcadero Delphi 10.2.2 (Tokyo) and the source is available under and precompiled binaries under

How To run:

  1. choose 32 bit or 64 and copy "libmysql.dll" and "Truice.exe" outside folder (where are all other folders: CSV, Lang etc.);
  2. run "Truice.exe"
  3. dll files are from MySQL v5.7.23
  4. if You got it right, then it should be like this:

To compile use: Delphi XE2+ (there is Community Edition of Delphi what is completely free

and these additional components:

A) JEDI Visual Component Library 3.5

B) JEDI Code Library 2.9

C) Droping ZeosLib to use Delphi internal db component FireDAC (from 22.08.2018).

ZeosDBO 7.3 from testing branch (SVN rev4068) (last commit with ZeosLib (new link)

Original topic on TC forum:

Truice Download:

Author: Faq

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