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Updated: 2017-11-28 16:59



"The edges of a city's defined borders don't really mean all that much when they bleed into yet more urbanity." – Nate Berg

The short version

Metropolitan areas for the Where On Earth (WOE) hierarchy derived from Natural Earth (NE) urban areas. Read: Polygons

New WOE IDs have been minted using one of three artisanal integer providers: Mission Integers, Brooklyn Integers or London Integers.

This is very much a work in progress.

The longer version

I still need to write it.

A word about Github

In the long-run Github may not be the best venue for managing all of these records. But it's not an entirely crazy idea either so we're going to try it for a while because it's easy and safe.

To do

  • Reverse geocode all the edges of the geometries for each record to at least the country level, if not state. As of this writing there is a hierarchy of places (state, country) for each record based on their geometry's centroid.

  • Figure out the list of children for each record.

  • Try to work out place names for each (some?) record.

Other WOE repositories

See also

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