Created: 2012-08-21 11:53
Updated: 2013-12-18 09:56


jQuery plugins repository

Created with whole lotta love by @serbanghita

This repository contains useful jQuery and jQuery mobile plugins. If you find any of these useful let me know by staring or forking the project.

Current jQuery plugins:

jQuery Chessboard - Is an attempt to reproduce Chess.com chess board with the help of jQuery and jQuery UI. The chessboard is also designed with mobile in mind.

jQuery kiNotice - Is an attempt to reproduce KissInsights's (now qualaroo) survey popup.

jQuery VerySimpleSlideshow - Is an extremely light-weight slideshow script with respect of the following properties: respect the jQuery plugin standards, keep compressed plugin as small as possible (<1.2kb), do not use any CSS but support them, depend only on jQuery (not UI), compatible with jQuery v.1.2 and above, make sure it works for every browser (works in IE6).

Current jQuery Mobile plugins:

jQuery Mobile dynamic popup - It gives the developer the possibility to run the popup() function from jQuery Mobile 1.2 without caring about HTML code, code placement, etc. and focusing only on the content & behaviour of the popup.

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