Created: 2012-08-21 10:42
Updated: 2019-03-02 02:36



QLWrapper is a simple Quick Look plug-in that utilizes user-provided scripts to generate the preview and thumbnail for a given filetype.

By providing a script (and modifying the plug-in's Info.plist, if necessary), any filetype can be supported.

(NOTE: Thumbnail generation is currently not supported.)


By default, the plug-in only supports the "public.data" UTI. To support other UTI values, the value must be added to the LSItemContentTypes array in the plug-in's Info.plist file.

Generator scripts should be placed in ~/Library/QuickLook/Scripts.

Scripts should be named using the filetype's UTI and extension; the name should be formatted as "(uti)-(extension)"; if a filetype has no extension, the script should be named simply "(uti)". For example, given a file named "SomeFile.unk", if the UTI is "public.data", the name for the script would be "public.data-unk".

Scripts can be written in any language, even a compiled language.

A script must:

  1. Be executable.
  2. Accept two command-line parameters: a. A generation type flag ("-p" or "-t") b. Absolute path to file to generate preview/thumbnail for.
  3. Output result to standard out (STDOUT).

The output for previews must be in HTML; the HTML must begin with a doctype tag. The HTML can be preceeded with a JSON object containing settings for the width and height of the Quick Look preview window. For example:

{ "width": 300, "height": 200 }<!DOCTYPE ...

The output for thumbnails is not yet decided.


This plug-in was created for the developer's personal use. It may contain bugs, it may not work properly, etc.

Use at your own risk.

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