Created: 2012-08-21 10:38
Updated: 2013-10-09 06:47


Demo Form Validation example

Author: Dylan Smith dylansmith@gmail.com

Use of require.js and the native alternative

I am using require.js as it is a fantastic modular dependency management tool, allowing code to be split up into modular class/object files and loaded asyncronously if required.

The alternative approach to this would be to write each class/object using the module pattern, e.g.

(function(namespace) {

  function MyClass() {


  namespace.MyClass = MyClass;


The example above assumes that a namespace object (myNamespace) has been created by the application before subsequent modules are executed by the interpreter.

This approach would require all external JavaScripts to be added to the document HEAD or BODY, creating multiple HTTP requests on page load which will hamper performance. However, if you took this approach, classes could be accessed via:

var instance = new myNamespace.MyClass();


No other JavaScript libaries (DOM manipulation or otherwise have been used), except in unit testing to quickly access and change DOM state for test purposes.

The HTML markup is based on HTML5 Bootstrap (http://html5boilerplate.com/), which contains a number of best practices. I have not used their CSS scripts, but rather have used Eric Meyer's CSS Reset, a simple include that normalises the default styling of HTML elements across browsers, providing a common baseline for your own custom CSS.

I have omitted the required attribute on the 2 input fields as it would prevent the JavaScript code from displaying errors in supporting browsers (since the field values would have to satisfy the native requirement first).

Device Testing

Tested on IE6, IE8, Chrome (Win), Chrome (Android, Galaxy S2), Default browser (Android, Galaxy S2)

Further improvements

Given more time, the code can be improved to support the output of error messages to the DOM, and adding other validation providers. A DOM manipulation library like Sizzle would make things a bit easier too, but not required.

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