Created: 2012-08-21 09:58
Updated: 2014-02-07 00:10


Download manager under linux.

-- Why another download manager?

I don't fancy current download managers that much, so I decide to write one for my own.


-- What do you need to build it?

A complier supports c++11 features, basically that means gcc-4.7+, clang 3.1 fails unfortunatly. Boost 1.48+, 1.46 fails with -std=c++11 flag.

To build tests, you are going to need Google C++ Testing Framework, which is less clumsy compare to boost unit test.

-- Why c++11?

To make life easier!

For the start, auto and initialization list are life savers. I do not need to write something like std::vector<std::string::size_type>::const_iterator anymore. std::lambda is a wonderful thing, but not as handly as boost::lambda.

Erik Naggum says,

"Life is too long to be good at C++ - if you had spent all that time to become good at it, you would essentially have to work with it, too, to get back the costs, and that would just be some long, drawn-out torture."

I totally agree. C++ has become a jungle, lots of features with lots of traps. I may not use C++ anymore personally, except for this one. Someday I may rewrite it with other language.

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