Created: 2012-08-21 09:05
Updated: 2014-03-14 04:52


A plugin for TiddlyWiki to support running inside AppJS. This gives you a wiki that runs inside its own webkit browser (the browser used on iphone / ipad / android). This is ideal for carrying around with you on a usb-stick and it lets you take your wiki with you wherever you go!

Quick Download

You can download AppJS with TiddlyWiki containing the AppJS plugin that lets you save changes:


The AppJS Plugin is hosted at


  • taking the browser with you means it won't break after getting some kind of auto update.
  • no complex procedures or permissions dialogs are needed, it is able to save out of the box


  • it takes extra space (20 meg+)
  • not all plugins / functions may work


AppJS is customised to host TiddlyWiki (TW) which may be supplied on the command line, taken by default from the 'content' folder or dragged and dropped onto the AppJS browser window. AppJS supplies a customised UserAgent string which causes the plugin inside TW to hijack 'getLocalPath', 'loadFile' and 'saveFile' functions which it delegates to functions supplied by the customised AppJS. To enable TW to save when loaded from an AppJS URL, the Plugin hijacks 'saveChanges' to use a new 'allowSave' function. When running in a standard browser, this hijack behaves identically to original TW code. When running in the customised AppJS, 'allowSave' is hijacked again to make saving unconditional. Other plugins which use 'saveFile' should be adapted to use 'allowSave' rather than hard-coding a test for the "file:" URL prefix.

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