Created: 2012-08-21 08:51
Updated: 2014-08-06 15:04

#events-app Initially intended as a mobile Web app for Mozilla community events. Hopefully it will be evolve to be useful for everyone having an event.


These are loose mockups of what the app could look like once complete… iconography and terminology to be determined still.

Home / Landing

In this view you can see not only the basis of the UI, but also what in-app notifications could potentially look like.


Schedule / What's Next?

Here we see how stars can be used to mark sessions of interest… these will then be listed in chronological order under the "pinned" tab.



This view shows us simply what tracks there are, and gives us the option to "pin" all session under that track, keeping the user up-to-date on any session changes under that track


Session Details View

In the session details view we get all the available details on a session, as well as if it is "pinned" or not.


Server stuff


  • Node.js
  • npm
  • CouchDB

Get the server up and running

Create a CouchDB database called "mozcamp-app".

Make sure CouchDB is running and then run (in the root of the repo):

  $ npm install
  $ node app



Screenshot of current state:

  • Added starred sessions view
  • Added session view


Screenshot of current state:

  • Added schedule view
  • Added basic star changing view for lists
  • Added modified app navigation for speed of creation to just use sandstone navigation drop down/list depending on screen size
  • Added whole bunch of issues to github issue tracking for people to just take and work on , please mark on the issue that you are working on it so we don't get too many collisions of creation, feel free to add issues if I have missed anything or something needs splitting into smaller pieces


Screenshot of current state:

  • Added sandstone css to speed up UI creation as the wireframes suggest a sandstone based theme
  • Added mockups to the read me
  • Added a changelog to the readme
  • Added a basic (incomplete) home view for the app
  • Added example action of in-app notification
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