Created: 2012-08-21 07:04
Updated: 2016-09-18 08:39


A wrapper script for using rsync over ssh.


-h,--help						Alias of usage (-u, --usage)

-H,--remote-host [user@]host	IP or DNS name of the ssh remote host.	
-k,--keyfile keyfile			Path to the key/identity file to use for
-l,--local-path localpath		Local path, source path for syncing.
								(default: current directory)
-L,--log-file logfile			Location to save a log of the results.
                                (default: .\syncSSH.log)
-p,--port port					SSH port to use.
-q,--quiet                 		Run quietly with no output.

-r,--remote-path remotepath		Remote path, destination path on
								remote host for syncing.
-u,--usage                 		Display the help/usage information.

-v,--verbose					Verbose mode.  Causes script to print
    							debugging messages about its progress.
    							This is helpful in debugging connection,
    							authentication, and configuration problems.
    							Multiple -v options increase the verbosity.
    							The maximum is 3.
-V,--version                   	Display the version number and exit.
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