Created: 2012-08-21 05:40
Updated: 2014-06-10 04:42

TJFoundation aims to extend Core Foundation by providing base classes and extending core classes with useful features that most iOS project would need.


TJFoundation is a work in progress, and has not been thoroughly tested. Use at you own risks.

TJFoundation uses Cocoa Pods. Add our Specs repository :

pod repo add Specs

Then in your project add pod 'TJFoundation in your Podfile or create one :

platform :ios
pod 'TJFoundation'


See the headers for full listing. The content (classes, methods and documentation) will improve over time. Please make pull request if you have any useful methods to add or a fix.



- (BOOL)isValidEmail;

Returns TRUE if the email is valid, FALSE otherwise

+ (NSString *)stringFromBool;

Converts a BOOL to a readable NSString.

NSString	*valid = @"";
NSString	*invalid = @"";

NSLog(@"%@ is valid ? %@", valid, [NSString stringFromBool:[valid isValidEmail]]);
// is valid ? TRUE

NSLog(@"%@ is valid ? %@", invalid, [NSString stringFromBool:[invalid isValidEmail]]);
// is valid ? FALSE


- (NSString *)stringWithFormat:(NSString *)format;

Returns the string value of an NSDate with the specific format. Example :

NSDate 		*date = [NSDate date];
NSString	*formatted_date = [date stringWithFormat:@"dd/MM/yy"];

NSLog(@"%@", formatted_date);
// 09/01/12
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