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Workshop materials for an introduction to R by Sam Swift.

This workshop is designed to be a condensed introduction to working with R and doing statistical programming with collaborators. No prior experience with R or with programming is expected.

High-level topics we'll cover include

Introduction to R (Wed 10:30-12, small group in the lab)

  • what is R and why do we like to use it?
  • installation and set-up
  • importing and exporting data
  • data types
  • basic statistics
  • using packages
  • how to find help

Git & github (Wed Afternoon 12:30 - 2, Huntsman 757)

  • What is version control?
  • installing git and getting started
  • the basic version control workflow
  • best practices in collaborative software development

Our data and code (Wed 2:15 - 5:00, Huntsman 757)

  • what data do we have?
  • data and code organization
  • how to get access and contribute
  • how to use existing code to get your questions answered
  • creating reproducible reports

Intermediate R (Thur Morning 9:30-12, Solomon B35)

  • manipulating data
  • writing & using functions
  • preventing errors and finding bugs
  • data visualization

Workshop (Thur Afternoon, 1 -5 pm, Hunstman 757)

  • bring some data and a question and we’ll get it done together

Things to do before we meet

Install software

note: all of this software is open source, free, and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). If you have any trouble, try to come by the lab Wed morning.

  1. Download & Install R:
  1. Download & Install RStudio:
  1. Download & Install Git:
  1. Generate an SSH key for your computer

Get the class materials

  1. Open RStudio
  2. Fom the top menu ... Project --> New Project --> Version Control --> Git
  • Repository URL: git://
  • Project Directory Name: IntroR
  • Create project as subdirectory of: your choice (ie. Desktop, My Documents, Home, etc)
  1. Click "Create Project"
  2. RStudio should now whir for a moment and leave you with a workspace
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