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Updated: 2015-01-18 05:21


Arcus Puppet

This is the repository for the Arcus Cloud puppet configuration management.

We use submodules from Puppetlabs. Run the following to make sure you have the latest:

  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update


To setup a Puppet master:

  • Install Puppet (via the PuppetLabs repos)
    • apt-get install -y puppetmaster-passenger puppetdb puppetdb-terminus
  • Install Hiera and Hiera-Puppet (gem install hiera hiera-puppet)
    • Restart Puppet Master (or Apache2 if using puppetmaster-passenger)
  • Clone the Arcus puppet repository to /opt/arcus
  • Symlink /opt/arcus/manifests to /etc/puppet/manifests
  • Symlink /opt/arcus/auth.conf to /etc/puppet/auth.conf (for Puppet)
  • Copy /opt/arcus/puppet.conf to /etc/puppet/puppet.conf (for Puppet) -- no symlink ; file is managed with Puppet
  • Symlink /opt/arcus/hiera.yaml to /etc/hiera.yml (for the Hiera CLI) and /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml (for Puppet)
  • Symlink /var/lib/puppet/ssl to /etc/puppet/ssl (remove existing /var/lib/puppet/ssl dir first)
  • Restart Puppet Master

Custom Functions

In order for some custom functions to work you will need to add to the auth.conf to access nodes.



path ~ ^/node/([^/]+)$

If using Redis as Hiera Backend:

  • Install Redis and Hiera-Redis gems:
    • gem install redis
    • gem install hiera-redis hiera-redis-backend
  • Install the default common Hiera config into Redis:
    • python hiera.redis.py -h for instructions

Using Nucleo as ENC

To use Nucleo as an external node classifer (ENC) ** make sure Nucleo is running and node is registered:

  • Edit /etc/puppet/puppet.conf to use /opt/arcus/external_node -- see puppet.conf for and example


The easiest way to get a functioning development setup is to use Vagrant. A multi-vm setup is provided and will setup a complete Puppet, Puppet Dashboard, and Puppet DB environment.

Puppet Master

To launch a puppet master:

vagrant up puppetmaster

This will launch a VM and configure Puppet. Use the following links to access the dashboard services:

To launch a node, use either the util or sandbox definitions.

vagrant up sandbox

This will launch a VM and automatically provision with the Puppet master. You can then use the Puppet Dashboard to create classes and attach those to nodes. On next refresh, the node will apply those modules.

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