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PdfMiniTools is a set of small command line utilities for working with PDF files:

  • pdfInfo - displays properties and form field content of a PDF file.
  • pdfCat - joins two or more PDF files into a new file
  • pdfEvenOddMerge - creates a new PDF file by combining the contents of a PDF file containing only odd numbered pages with a PDF file containing only even numbered pages. (useful for combining output from single sided scanners).
  • pdfExtract - extracts pages from a PDF file into a new file.
  • pdfSplit - extracts a PDF file's contents into two or more new files.

Check the releases page for this project to download a prebuilt MSI package.

Windows 7/2008R2 or later, and version 4.6.2 of the .Net framework is required.

Usage (pdfInfo):

    pdfInfo [-acfi] file


-a, --all	 Show all available information (equivalent to -fi). 
-c, --csv	 Display results as comma separated values (CSV). 
-f, --fields Show form fields. 
-i, --info	 Show basic PDF info. This is the default.


    pdfInfo file.pdf

Shows basic PDF info, such as page count, encryption, PDF version, etc. Equivalent to "pdfInfo -i file.pdf"

Example 2:

    pdfInfo -f file.pdf

Shows the PDF's form fields, and their values. PDF files that do not contain fill-in fields are unlikely to have any form fields to display.

Example 3:

    pdfInfo -ac file.pdf  

Will show basic PDF info, and any form fields, as comma separated values. Equivalent to "pdfInfo -cfi file.pdf"

Usage (pdfCat):

    pdfCat file1 file2 [file3...] outputfile

Example: pdfCat file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf joinedfile.pdf

Concatenates the contents of file1.pdf, file2.pdf, and file3.pdf into the new file joinedfile.pdf

Usage (pdfEvenOddMerge):

    pdfevenoddmerge [-s] oddfile evenfile outputfile

Example 1:

    pdfevenoddmerge file1.pdf file2.pdf combined.pdf

Creates the file combined.pdf, with odd pages from file1.pdf, and even pages from file2.pdf.

Example 2:

    pdfevenoddmerge -s file1.pdf file2.pdf combined.pdf

Same as Example 1, except any extra pages will be skipped. (ie if file1.pdf contains 10 pages, and file2.pdf contains 12, pages 11 and 12 in file2.pdf will be ignored.

Usage (pdfExtract):

    pdfExtract -e {page1|startpage1-endpage1}[,{page2|startpage2-endpage2}] [-p prefix] inputfile


    -e, --extract Specifies the pages to extract. Required. 
    -p, --prefix  Set the output file(s) prefix. Default is the input filename. Optional.


    pdfExtract -e 12,16,23 inputfile.pdf

Extracts pages 12,16, and 23 from inputfile.pdf. Output filenames will be inputfile_1.pdf, inputfile_2.pdf, and inputfile_3.pdf.

Example 2:

    pdfExtract -e 10-16,23,31 inputfile.pdf

Extracts pages 10-16, 23, and 31 from inputfile.pdf. Output filenames will be inputfile_1.pdf, inputfile2.pdf, and inputfile3.pdf.

Example 3: pdfExtract -e 12 -p output inputfile.pdf

Extracts page 12 from inputfile.pdf. Output filename will be output1.pdf.

Usage (pdfSplit):

    pdfSplit -{a|s} [page1,page2] [-p prefix] file

Options: -a, --allpages Split after every page. -s, --splits Pages to split at, separated by a comma. -p, --prefix Set the output files prefix. Default is the input filename. Optional.


    pdfSplit -s 11,21 -p splitfile file1.pdf  

Splits file1.pdf at pages 11, and 21 into three files: splitfile01.pdf (contains pages 1-10) splitfile02.pdf (contains pages 11-20) splitfile03.pdf (contains all remaining pages)

Example 2:

     pdfSplit -a file.pdf   

Splits file.pdf at every page. Output files would be: file01.pdf (page 1) file02.pdf (page 2) file03.pdf (page 3) . . fileXX.pdf (page XX - last page)


The following third party components are used/included:

  • CommandLine Parser library (v1.8 stable) - link
  • iTextSharp (v4.1.6 - last LGPL version) - link
  • PDF icon from open icon library (LGPL ) - link
  • Installer graphics from Open Clip Art (public domain):
      - Amateur Astronomer
      - Spyglass

iTextSharp 4.1.6 is used because of its license - later versions use the more restrictive AGPL.

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