Created: 2012-08-21 03:22
Updated: 2015-02-04 08:28

Usergrid Deployment for Servlet Containers

This repository uses the Maven WAR plugin to build a ROOT.war file from Apigee's Usergrid Platform suitable for dropping into servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat.

Building and Installing the Webapp

The following steps will guide you through setting up and installing Usergrid locally.

  1. Clone the Usergrid repository from github
    git clone git://

  2. cd into the directory
    cd usergrid-stack

  3. Build the Usergrid codebase with maven (you can optionally include -DskipTests to speed things up)
    mvn install

  4. Download and install verion 1.0.10 or greater of Apache Cassandra. You can use either the DataStax Community Edition or the tar file from one of the ASF mirros. See the installation and setup instructions at either sites for additional details.

  5. Next, clone this repository
    git clone git://

  6. Move into the project directory and build
    cd usergrid-rest-apigee-sample && mvn install

  7. Load the ROOT.war file from the target directory created in the step above into your servlet container

  8. Start Apache Cassandra (either via the bin/cassandra script in the case of a tar file install or the service scripts from a packaged install)

  9. Go to the following URL to initialize and setup the Usergrid database (by default, the username and password is superuser:superpass):

After about a minute of setup time, Usergrid should be running on your machine. Your next stop should be the documentation.

Exploring the Properties (Customization)

To customize the Usergrid installation to your environment, see the properties file located here:

Still Have Questions?

Please send any issues or comments to the Usergrid mailing list.

Feel free to add to these instructions at any time by forking and sending a pull request.

Note: the current release of Apache Tomcat - 7.0.29 - is totally hosed (seriously, folks, if it's an obvious bug in the spec just don't implement it). Do not use it. 7.0.26 was used to verify this setup.

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