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Updated: 2018-02-16 04:49
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THIS REPOSITORY HAS BEEN DEPRECATED AND IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED. IT HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY https://github.com/opencivicdata/python-legistar-scraper AND https://github.com/opencivicdata/scrapers-us-municipal

Legistar Scraper is a python library for scraping Legistar sites -- legislation management sites hosted by by Granicus.

Legistar sites include

This software is under active development. It is currently known to work for Chicago and Philadelphia.

Build Status


> pip install -r requirements.txt
> python setup.py install 

Note: The current stable branch of mechanize has a bug in it. If you are installing the dependencies by hand, use https://github.com/abielr/mechanize.


To run all unit tests:


To run a single test:

nosetests tests/test_legistar_scraper.py:name_of_test

For example, if you wanted to test just the council members pagination

nosetests tests/test_legistar_scraper.py:paging_through_council_members

Example usage

Sample script

from legistar.scraper import LegistarScraper
from legistar.config import Config, DEFAULT_CONFIG

# Configure and create a scraper

config = Config(
  hostname = 'chicago.legistar.com',
scraper = LegistarScraper(config)

# Get a summary listing of all of the legislation

all_legislation = scraper.searchLegislation('')

# Get more detail for a particular piece of legislation

for legislation_summary in all_legislation:
  (legislation_attrs, legislation_history) = \
# NOTE: searchLegislation returns an iterator; you may not use subscript
# indexing (e.g., all_legislation[0]). You may, however, achieve the same
# thing with all_legislation.next()

# Get details about legislation history, such as voting results

for history_summary in legislation_history:
  (history_detail, votes) = scraper.expandHistorySummary(history_summary)

# Get a list of all council members

councilmembers = scraper.councilMembers()

# Get a list of all upcoming agendas

councilmembers = scraper.councilCalendar()

# Get a list of all agendas (including past ones)

councilmembers = scraper.councilCalendar('all')
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