Created: 2008-09-21 14:43
Updated: 2016-09-22 18:46


Gangs Clock 2

The Gang of - A Boss, Patrons, Mentors, Asst. Teachers

Ended the maintenance of Gangs Clock 2. Launched Gangs Clock 3.


  • stopped maintenance


  • stopped maintenance



todo lists

  • merge v0.3 and v0.4
  • consider the way to change the clock size to smaller

Change log

22th Mar: Ended the maintenance of Gangs Clock 2.
20th Mar: Welcome Paul!
15th Mar: Updated CWoS from v0.4b to v0.5
06th Mar: Welcome back Al!
05th Mar: Welcome Dylan!
28th Feb: Welcome Dave!
16th Feb: Welcome Ahmed and Hector!
06th Feb: Welcome Sami!
31st Jan: Welcome Michael Kohl!
10th Jan: Updated Peter's pics.
03rd Jan: Welcome Ian and Suman!

30th Dec: Welcome James! and updated to CWoS_v0.4b.shy
23th Dec: Updated to CWoS_v0.4a.shy
21th Dec: Released v0.3g that is added a launcher for CWoS
11th Dec: Welcome back, Ilian!
07th Dec: Welcome, Doug!
01st Dec: Fixed a bug for @big_pic in render.rb of v0.3f.
30th Nov: Edited some local time zone correctly.
28th Nov: Add new three members and updated an avatar pic.
14th Nov: Updated some avatar pics.
08th Nov: Daylight saving time off. Changed the position of UTC's avatar
07th Nov: Added new two members. Stopped maintenance of v0.4f.
28th Oct: Uploaded a screenshot.
25th Oct: Corrected Brazilian's time zone
11th Oct: Replaced new avatar .jpg files


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