Created: 2012-08-21 00:59
Updated: 2015-11-28 16:08


Android GCM demo

This application demos the basic feature of GCM, including:

  • Register device to GCM upon App started or phone power recycle.
  • Listen to GCM RECEIVE intent and REGISTRATION intent.
  • Customized Broadcast IntentService only starts running to handle GCM intent upon receiving GCM intent.
  • Notification bar shows the newly received message.
  • Store gcm message into local content provider.
  • display stored gcm messages in a IM style list fragment.
  • user can acknowledge gcm message and acke message also stored in the same content provider.


  • ActionTab and Fragment UI.
  • Two fragments, one is list of gcm messages, the other is GCM control panel.
  • Standalone service started upon power up, or when app get started.
  • Local Content Provider maps Uri to local SQLite database.
  • Basic skeleton of a typical App, service, looper, content provider, fragmented UI, message json object.
  • Design strictly follows clean code principle, testable components.


  • update App's SENDER_ID with your GCM application project.
  • note down the registration id from the log tag GCM and add the device reg id to sender's client list on server app side.

Server App

Server App is a node app. Authorization to your GCM project is done through basic http Authorization header.

  • Post json object msg to https endpoint at android.googleapis.com/gcm/send
  • Http header Authorization using the API key from your GCM app project page. https://code.google.com/apis/console/#project:686172024995:access
  • Cache a list of devices GCM registration ids for msg to be sent to each of them.
  • device GCM registration id is obtained when device registered to GCM on Android phone.
  • http authorization headers and http request options are encapsulated into requestwrapper.coffee.

Parser cloud backend integration

We have integrated Parser cloud backend into the project. The Parser project name is called Listen in the backend. https://parse.com/apps/listen/push_notifications

Please refer to README-Parser.md

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