Created: 2012-08-21 00:23
Updated: 2018-05-10 15:36


I couldn't find an existing C library for SPDY that was suitable for my project, so here's my take on one.

It supports both draft 2 and draft 3. If the remote endpoint sends the first control frame, it will use whichever version they use. If sending the first control frame itself, the version passed to spdy_ctx_new will be used (draft 2 by default).

ANSI C, BSD licensed, requires zlib.

Build Status


For a description of each function/callback, refer to the comments in spdy.h.

  • Each connection should be assigned a spdy_ctx, created with spdy_ctx_new. spdy_ctx_new receives a spdy_config structure, in which the application can set up callback functions.

  • When data arrives from the network, spdy_data should be called with the buffer and size. spdy_data will indicate how many bytes were consumed, so the application can calculate how many bytes must be kept and passed again later.

  • When the library has data to send to the network, the emit callback will be called with a buffer and size.

As well as spdy_ctx, there is a spdy_stream structure, of which there may be multiple instances per spdy_ctx. spdy_stream instances are created either by this side (with spdy_stream_open) or by the remote endpoint (first seen in the on_stream_create callback).

To receive incoming headers or data from a spdy_stream, set a callback for on_stream_headers or on_stream_data. To send outgoing headers or data to a spdy_stream, use the spdy_stream_write_headers and spdy_stream_write_data functions.

Known issues

  • Draft 3 CREDENTIAL frame not implemented
  • Flow control not implemented
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