Created: 2012-08-20 22:49
Updated: 2013-11-29 05:51



This is a very simple demonstration of using pdf.js to render previews of Alfresco-managed content.

Features / Problems:

  • Converts a document to PDF via a webscript.
  • A sample HTML page invokes pdf.js against a given document.


This sample relies on a WebScript that converts a given document into a PDF, this PDF is then retrieved via pdf.js.

This version of the app requires an proxy to deal with cross-domain requests and therefore includes a simple Node.js preview server.

To launch the server type the following from the projects' client directory: $ node preview-server.json

Once the preview server is running, you can access the app by pointing your browser to [http://localhost:3000]

The app is hard-coded with a specific server URL and document UUID, you'll need to edit client/js/app.js


This project requires the following dependencies:


  • Install Node.js using Homebrew or some other tool.
  • Install npm using the instructions at []
  • Enter the projects' client directory and install additional npm dependencies: $ npm install -df
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