Created: 2012-08-20 22:02
Updated: 2014-01-09 08:00
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10-minute realtime web chat

This is the source code of the slides I used for my "10-minute realtime web chat" lightning talk in the following events:


If you want to run this presentation, you should first get it from Github and then run the ShowOff server:

$ git clone
$ cd talk-10-minute-real-time-web-chat
$ showoff serve

Then you should be able to go to http://localhost:9090 to view the presentation.

Enjoy! :)

This presentation is meant to be run using ShowOff, as said before. See the next section for more info on how to get it.


If you want to see these slides from source, you should install ShowOff first:

$ gem install showoff


Scott Chacon is an awesome guy and created ShowOff, an awesome presentation web app.

For more stuff on ShowOff (like it's requirements and features), see ShowOff repo on github.


These slide were made for my lightning talk. But you can use it for your own study, or for a talk of yours if you want. You just have to give me some credit (see for more info).


Found a typo? Maybe a bug? Any broken link? Are you an expert in the field and saw a huge mistake of mine? Want to see improvements on it?

Please let me know, to help this work get better! :)

You may want to:

  • send me an e-mail:
  • send me a tweet: @panaggio
  • send me a message via github:
    1. signup and login to github
    2. go to my page on github
    3. click "Message"
  • send a bug on github's issue tracker:
    1. signup and login to github
    2. go to the issue tracker
    3. click "Create Issue"
  • make the changes yourself:
    1. signup and login to github
    2. go to the talk's repository page
    3. fork this repo: click "Fork"
    4. make your changes
    5. send a pull request.
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